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Low Overhead and Low Inventory Translates into a GREAT VALUE for You.


There is only one place to buy your next mattress - Cornerstone Furniture, where you are sure to find a great mattress at a price that will allow you to get the best sleep ever. Mattresses are probably the most confusing part of furniture buying, so we've made it easy by selecting a vendor, Englander, who has the best overall warranty and sells for $$$ hundreds less than the biggest advertised brands (Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, Sealy).

Consider the following:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers will look to buy a mattress that will help them sleep better
  • Half would buy a mattress that promotes better sleep even if current mattress does not need to be replaced
  • And most would pay 20-30% more for such a mattress
Great News!
  • You don't have to pay more; in fact, we have fantastic sleep solutions for 20-30% less than the most heavily advertised mattress names in the industry.

For the best selection in the latest memory and laytex foam technologies, visit Cornerstone Furniture Outlet. We'll take the confusion out of bedding and offer you the best value in sleep systems.

See these and more quality selections in our showroom:

21st Century Sleep System $1,299 Queen $1,599 King
Adjust your side of the bed just the way you like it! This system's advanced design allows sleepers on both sides to strike the right balance between support and comfort. The 21st Century system relies on space age Comfort Seal Memory Foam...>> Continue

Lifesytle Latex - All Natural Rubber $1,599 Queen $1,899 King
You can have your best sleep ever. Latex mattresses are among the most widely recommended sleep systems in the world. Deeper, more restful undisturbed sleep occurs because body pressure is evenly distributed to the natural contour of the body...>> Continue

Viscoelastic Memory Foam
(Like Tempur-Pedic) $1,199 Queen $1,499 King
Like Latex, memory foam is specially formulated to mold to your body's contours and provide complete pressure reduction, promoting healthy blood flow, which results in less muscle aches and decreased tossing and turning at night...>> Continue

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